The Official Online Gallery

This official online gallery brings together many of the finest Fikru paintings. For the first time, the artist’s work is comprehensively cataloged online, in this definitive visual record.

Working at a liberating scale, with a selection of large brushes, Fikru creates images that stem from the sub-conscience. Fikru’s practice is to paint without aid. Common props, such as underdrawing and underpainting, are passed over. This is an artist at ease working against the stark white face of the canvas.

That’s not to say that the first strokes are final. Instead, Fikru describes a complex back-and-forth process; a process which sees two-thirds of his work obliterated, hidden forever beneath fresh layers of paint. The result is an image that perfectly captures something intangible; an elusive sense that’s never quite known, even by the artist himself.

“I just paint from my soul and the feelings and emotions that flow from the subconscious…”